1. Driving Licence
  2. Vehicle Registration Book
  3. Vehicle Fitness Certificate for Transport Vehicle
  4. P.U.C. Certificate
  5. Vehicle Insurance
  6. Road Permit for Transport vehicle


  • Red Light in traffic signal indicates – STOP
  • Overtaking is very dangerous – on blinds turns and crest hill
  • The rightmost lane on expressway should be used only – for overtaking purpose only
  • While slowing down you should apply – the brake first and then clutch
  • Before turning to left you should position your vehicle – in left lane of road
  • Before turning of right you should position your vehicle  – in the rightmost lane
  • The meaning of MSM with respect to negotiating a turn is – Mirror Signal Manoeuverer
  • Correct eye sight for holding driving licence is that applicant – should be able to read a car number plate at a distance of 25 mtrs.
  • If there is an obstruction on your side of road then you should – Stop and give way to oncoming traffic
  • At an intersection if you see green signal turning yellow then you should – Cross only if you have already crossed the stop line otherwise stop.
  • If the traffic signal is red and policemen signals you to go; then you should – Obey Policemen’s order.
  • Is exceeding maximum speed limit is permitted – Never Permitted
  • While following any vehicle you should maintain safe distance of – 2 sec time gap
  • The correct braking method for two wheeler is – To apply both the brakes simultaneously
  • Punishment for driving under influence of liquor(Alcohol) is – Imprisonment for six month or fine Rs. 2000/- or both.
  • Using mobile/cell phone while driving is – An offence as per law
  • While driving on well lit road during night time you should use – Headlights on low beam
  • While driving you shall always try to drive close to the – Left-hand side of the road
  • While turning to the left you shall drive as close as possible to the – Left-hand of the road
  • You shall overtake from – Right of traffic proceeding in
  • When your vehicle is being overtaken by another vehicle, you should – Slow down & allow that vehicle to pass.
  • Approaching a road junction, corner/pedestrian crossing you shall – Slow down and enter.
  • You should give way to all traffic approaching the intersection – On your right side
  • When a fire service vehicle/ambulance is approaching, you should – Allow free passage
  • Driving up no signal intersection, people crossing ahead of you, then – Stop and allow people to cross the road.
  • You wish to take u turn at controlled intersection, you should – wait until green light glows for U turn
  • While driving if you wish to change lanes, you should – Change lanes safely by giving proper signal
  • When you are about to stop the vehicle, you should – Raise right arm vertically outside the vehicle.
  • When road is marked by lanes, you should – Drive in lane & change with signal
  • When moving behind another vehicle the driver should –  Keep safe distance from front care
  • Whenever an officer in uniform gives any direction, you should – Obey the same
  • When you are driving in silent zone – You should not blow horn
  • What is the main cause of road accidents – Driver
  • Which vehicle insurance policy is mandatory – Third Party Policy
  • While driving motorcycle, arm signal be given by  – Right Hand only
  • When should you keep your driving licence with you – Always while Driving
  • Yellow light in traffic signal indicates – Reduce speed & proceed carefully
  • At unmanned railway crossing you should – Stop, look and proceed cautiously
  • Single solid yellow strip line along the kerb of the road means – Parking is prohibited
  • Two solid yellow strip line along the kerb of the road means – Parking or Stopping is prohibited
  • Which vehicle be given precedence on mountain road – Vehicle traveling uphill
  • While driving on steep downhill road – Engage the same gear which is used while going up hill


  • A Learners licence holder should – Drive only when he is accompanied by a person having a permanent licences.
  • A learners Licence issued by RTO in Maharashtra valid is – Throughout India
  • The meaning of PSL with respect to turning of vehivle is – Position Speed Look
  • For a Learners licence holder to display [L] Plate is – Mandatory
  • Validity of Learners licence is – 6 months
  • How many driving licence can one person hold at a time – One Licence only
  • While driving car or a bike must carry – Driving licence, Insurance, RC Book and PUC
  • A driver whose driving licence is suspended or revoke can – Not drive under any circumstances
  • If dazzled by  headlights of on coming vehicle – you should slow down and stop the vehicle to the left side of road
  • At Zebra crossing you should – Stop and allow pedestrians to cross the road.
  • While entering from narrow road to main road who has got right of way – Vehicle on main road.


  • While parking your vehicle you should park – As per signal board or road marking
  • While parking the vehicle you should ensure that it – Doesn’t cause danger/inconvenience to others
  • After parking, before leaving tje vehicle you should – Stop the engine, remove the key, put the handbrake on and put any gear
  • Parking is prohibited on – Footpath, Near Traffic Signal, Bus Stand, Fire Hydrants, Road Corbers & No Parking Boards.